Multi Masking With L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks

Tuesday, April 04, 2017


L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks in Purifying & Mattifying and Energizing & Brightening

When I first heard that L'Oreal was coming out with clay masks I was pretty excited. Ever since discovering clay masks they have become an important addition to my skin care routine. L'Oreal released three masks in their pure clay line: Purifying, Brightening and Exfoliating. Since I have sensitive oily skin and suffer from large pores and break outs I was unsure which of the three masks to test out. At first I picked up the Brightening one, the black one pictured above, as it claimed to be the more detoxifying one, with promises to purify skin leaving it more radiant and even. I had high hopes for this mask due to the charcoal it possessed. I thought that out of all of the masks this one would be the most similar to the Origins clear improvements mask as well as the Sephora mud mask; both of which contain active charcoal as it main ingredient. Sadly that is where the similarities stop. Although I do notice a difference in the feeling of my skin, after using this mask my face is noticeable smoother, but unfortunately I do not see any difference in the size of my pores and my skin doesn't appear that much brighter. Due to this I don't think I will be repurchasing this mask once I run out.

After trying the Brightening mask and not being completely wowed by it I picked up the Purifying one hoping for better results, and thankfully I did. The purifying mask was way more up my ally and did everything I was hoping the charcoal one would; including detoxifying, shrinking pores and reducing my oils. I also noticed that with continued use, I mean every other day for a full week or so, whatever active breakout I had would be appear noticeably smaller or disappear all together. This was good for me however if I remember correctly bot my Sephora mud mask as well the Origins' mask did that exact same thing within less time. Something else that I would like to note, something that really threw me for a loop regarding this mask was the inclusion of eucalyptus. Before trying this mask I was not familiar with the use of eucalyptus oil in any skin care product on the market, so I was a little confuesed when it mentioned as a key ingredient in this mask. I did some research and it turns out that eucalyptus oil has a number of skin care benefits, including acting as an anti-inflammatory, an antiseptic and an antibacterial. I'm thinking this may be the reason behind the reduction of my breakouts.

To really get my money's worth out of these two masks I have been using them together to create the best results possible. On my T-zone, where I get the oiliest, and around my cheeks, where my pores are the largest, I have been using the Purifying masks to reap the benefits of it detoxifying nature and really draw out impurities and other skin clogging gunk. Around the perimeter of my face I use the Brightening mask to smooth my skin, creating an overall even appearance. Now although I like using these masks together, it is not enough to sway me into repurchasing the Brightening one. And although I like the Purifying one and I pleased with the results I do find that both my Origins and my Sephora mask do a much better job at shrinking pores, reducing oils and even minimizing the size of my breakouts. So with that being said I will not be repurchasing this mask either. However I recommend these masks as a good starting point if you are someone who is looking to try a clay mask for the first time. You find both of these masks at your local drugstores.

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