Brands I'd Like To Try More Of

Friday, May 15, 2015

Brand I'd Like To Try More Of (xo.Janiecy.xo)

The beauty addict inside of me is always looking at new products and adding things to my never ending wish lists, however the practical and ration side of me, not to mention my bank balance, is what keeps my wishlist from growing out of control. That same rational side of myself is exactly why I tend to stick with my tried and true makeup products, though sadly for my inner beauty addict, that means that although my makeup collection houses a variety of makeup brands, I've mostly only tried one or two of their products. There are numerous brands out there that I absolutely adore but have only tried one or two things from; which is why today I wanted to share a few brands that I'd personally would love to try more of.

Right of the bat, the first brand that came to mind was Anastasia of Beverly Hills, everyone and their mother raves about ABH products, from their contour kits to their shadows, they have established some world renowned hype. I've only tried their brow whiz and personally I wasn't overly crazy about it, that being said I would love to get my hands on some of their shadows and maybe some of their liquid lipsticks. Buxom isn't a brand that you hear many people rave about and it's a shame because I adore their lip products. That being said I'd love to see what else the brand has to offer. E.L.F, N.Y.X and Sonia Kashuk are three drugstore brands that all have a cult following and I can completly see why. All of the products I've tried from them have been out of this world; I just wish that these brands were easier to find here in Canada.

Moving on, this might come as a shock but I actually only own three MAC lipsticks and only one shadow. Now despite the fact that I've tried a few of their other products I feel it pails in comparison to the wide array of products that the brand is known for. Not to mention that my wishlist for mac alone is a mile long. Makeup Forever is brand that is known for their professional grade products and yet I've only tried their setting powder. I would love to get a hold of one of their new primers. In addition to the previous mentioned drugstore brands, Real Techniques is another brand that I wish was easier to find here in Canada. Only some locations carry a few of the brands brush sets and I can't help but envy some of the UK bloggers who have the entire range as well as the limited edition sets at their finger tips.

Stilla and Tarte are two brands that seem to have a lot to offer however the only products I've tried from them are Stilla's lip glazes and Tarte's lip insurgences. On sort of the opposite end I've tried a few products from both Too Faced and Urban Decay, and yet I feel like I haven't even scratch the surface where those brands are concerned. There are so many raved about products that I have yet to even swatch.

Okay, I don't want any of you to get the wrong impression from this post. I am more than happy with my current makeup collection and despite the materialistic tone of today's post I don't want to portray myself as being ungrateful or unsatisfied. Today's post is coming from a positive place. I just wanted to share a few brands that I enjoy and would love to further explore. Now that that's cleared up, let me know what products/ brands you'd love to try.