Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Manicure of the Moment | Blue Diamond

In the hopes of trying some different nail looks, as well as bringing some variation to my manicure of the moment posts, I came up with this look after seeing something similar on IG. If you remember from my previous motm post I stated that I wanted to reach for my nail art brush more and although I didn't exactly use the brush end when I was creating this accent I did however use the dotting tool on the other end. If you don't happen to own a duel ended nail art brush you can easily use a bobby-pin to create the dot, or you can leave that out all together.

I started off by taping off a small section of my accent nail, in the shape of a v. This step is tricky, so if you'd like you can create whatever shape is easiest for you or you could use a stencil. Next I applied two coats of this navy blue OPI nail polish, in the shade Russian Navy, to each of my nails. After waiting about 3-5minutes I carefully peeled off the tape to reveal the bare triangle. If you're not into the look of having a bare triangle on the accent nail you can paint a nude shade or any accent colour you desire underneath, just allow it to dry fully before adding the tape and painting over it. Now using my dotting tool I applied a small dot in to middle of the triangle to create visual interest to my accent nail. Wait another 5 minutes for it to dry completely to avoid smearing your work. Finish with your favourite topcoat.

 I'm really happy with the way my nails turned out. I feel like I'm really starting to get back into doing nail art.  As always let me know what you think of this look and don't forget to follow on Bloglovin' to stay up to date with all my latest posts.  

Monday, March 02, 2015

Wish List #15: The Spending Ban

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Why is it that as soon as you embark on a spending ban, in the hopes of saving a few bucks, your wish list suddenly grows immensely. This is what happened (or is currently happening) to me once I decided to get serious with my spending ban; but allow me to elaborate.

I've been wanting to invest in a new camera for a while now. Since I started my blog, almost two years ago, I've been using my mom's old canon powershot sx120, a decent point an shoot for it's time but it is pretty outdated now. So much so that it still runs on aa batteries. Yeah, I think you get the picture, so I bore you with specifics. Over the course of a few months I've been hearing all about this Canon point and shoot and I thought it would be the perfect upgrade for me and my blog. I'm no photographer, so shelling out large amounts of my hard earned cash on a big professional grade camera just doesn't make sense at the moment. Now although this camera doesn't have a dslr price tag it still has a pretty hefty one if it's own. Retailing at about $700 this is where my spending ban stems from.

I'm hoping to successfully continue my spending ban into March and be able to purchase the camera sometime before Easter, but like I said the longer my spending ban goes on the longer my wish list gets. For fun I thought I would share a few beauty products that made their way on to my list. First up is the Bobbie Brown foundation stick. I was hoping to try my hand at contouring and a little birdy told me that cream contours are the easiest and most natural way to go. In addition to contouring I would also like to get in on the liquid lipstick hype that's been surrounding the beauty community for months and this dolce colour by Stila looks like the perfect shade for spring. Now wherever there is liquid lipstick a good lip balm is needed. This lip treatment by Bite Beauty has been raved amount over and over again and I grow more and more intrigued by it. Finally these polishes don't exactly scream spring but I've been really into brown and nude nails and I don't own any polish like these two. They're both from OPI's Nordic collection, which if I am not mistaken came out this past fall. The first colour is how great is your dane? and second is my way or Norway.

Well that's what is on my current wishlist, let me know what is on yours. Also let me know if you have ever embarked on a spending ban of your own and if you find it worthwhile. Oh and before I forget I recently got a snapchat, so if any of you partake add me up, my user name is @janiecyxo.


Friday, February 27, 2015

February '15 Monthly Round Up

First off I would like to say thank you for all of your patients this week as I was unable to uphold my usual schedule for posts due to me editing my blogs layout and theme. I occasionally alter the appearance of my blog quite easily. Whether it's removing a gadget or moving it about, but these past few days I was really having issues with creating my custom navigation bar but with perseverance I was able to achieve the look I was going for. I worked really hard on the design of my blog so let me know what you think.

Moving on, I am so happy to see the end of February; for the shortest month of the year it really dragged on. This month I won't be doing a favourites post on account that I don't have any products to share that haven't already been mentioned in previous monthly favourites. You can check out my last two favourites posts here and here, to see what I've been gravitating to. This month I thought I would do something different and share with you my monthly round up of February 2015. In this post I will be sharing an overview of my favourite posts from the month. I thought it would be nice to shake things up branch out.

02/06/15: Manicure of The Moment | Intergalactic; this might be my favourite manicure of the moment post to date. I created this nail look by experimenting with my nail art brush and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned. It makes me want to play around with my nail brush more, and see what else I can do with it.
02/13/15: Chocolaty Sugar Cookies; I shared a festive and tasty treat just in time for valentine's day. Though this recipe could easily be used all year round whenever your heart desires.

02/18/15: Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer Review; shared a review of the wildly popular mineral primer by Hourglass cosmetics.

02/20/15: Urban Decay On The Run Palette Review; my review of Urban Decay's limited edition On The Run Palette including swatches.

And those are my top posts of February 2015. Have a read and tell me what you think. Also let me know if you like this little shake up and if you'd like to see me alternate between favourites posts and round ups.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Urban Decay On The Run Palette

Why yes, today is the day that I finally get around to the On The Run palette review that I promised you. Thanks so much for your patience. I received this palette for Christmas from my dad and step mom. I wasn't in the market for a new makeup palette considering I just got my Pro palette not that long ago, but since it was a gift and it wasn't just another eyeshadow palette I decided to keep it and I'm really glad I did. I only have one other urban decay palette, and to your surprise its not one of the naked ones, so I know how great they can be.

The On The Run palette is a limited edition travel friendly makeup kit that encompasses everything you could possibly need for a complete makeup look. The kit is encased in a beautiful rose gold case with a geometric print on the top. The palette also has the most satisfying magnetized closure, which helps keep it's contents secure. Inside it houses five exclusive eye shadows, a bronzer blush duo, a highlighter (5050), a mini tube of their perversion mascara, a travel sized liner and a full size of their Naked lip gloss. The shadows themselves are all in the neutral realm, fix and dare are the only two are matte shades and the other three, dive, resist and stun, are shimmers. These shadows have great pigmentation which comes as no surprised since UD shadows are known for such, however I do find that these shadows have a tendency to fade through out the day which is something I have never experienced with shadows in my Ammo palette. The fading isn't tremendous, like the shadows in my chocolate bar palette, but it is quite noticeable to say the least. I recommend using a good solid base.

Now the bronzer is far to light for my skin tone, it hardly shows up when swatched, not to mention it looks far to yellow for just about anyone to even consider using it to warm their complexion. I occasionally opt to use it has a transition shade in my crease combined with one of the matte shadows. I find that to be a much better use for it. The blush is a bright Barbie pink shade with the slightest hint of silver shimmer, it looks much more intimidating than it actually is. When applied or even swatched it is appears quite sheer, so much so that in a couple of hours you won't even be able to see it; at least that's the case for me. For increased longevity try layering it over a cream blush. Despite my disdain for the blush and bronzer I actually really like the highlight, not so much for my face but for my eyes, you know like under my brow bone, in my inner corner, the usual places. The Highlight itself is a sheer cream shade with a sort of salmon like undertone. It is probably the flattest looking highlighter you ever did see but I still like it for my brow bone, especially when I'm using the a lot of shimmery shades on my lid.

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